The New Workstation

Apr 29, 2009

Sooo, this blog is a little late - but I've actually been kind of busy. I got my computer parts via UPS on friday (it's now wednesday). Surprisingly - EVERYTHING was in perfect shape, in working order from the factory(s), and UPS didn't physically damage anything! AMAZING! Lol. I sorted through all the packages and made sure everything was there, and then I got to building! It took about an hour or so to get it done, and then a lot more hours to get the machine running in the exact shape I want it to. Now, the last time I actually built a computer was in around 2004, so I thought I might be rusty - but nope. I refamiliarized myself with a couple youtube videos, and then BAM - I was ready. Everything went smoothly. I got a LEGITIMATE copy of Windows Vista Business (32 and 64 bit). As of today I have Vista Business x64 installed and everything is running smoothly. Not to mention - extremely fast! This machine is a beast! I was able to buy Bioshock and Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 has amazing graphics! Playing at 1920x1080 with high settings and good framerates is sweeet! Anywho, enough babbling, here are some pics:

All the parts!

Putting in the processor (Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 45nm @ 2.5ghz):

Putting in one of the RAM sticks (Ultra 4gb PC5400 RAM):

After putting the motherboard into the case (Apex PC-390 Black mid tower):

installed the drives, video card, everything else, and it's ready to be powered on!

All put together! We got our desk back, too! In the end, here are the full specs of the workstation:

-Intel DG41RQ Motherboard
-Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 45nm 2.5ghz Processor
-4gb ULTRA PC5400 RAM (2048mb x2) in dual channel mode
-EVGA Nvidia GeForce 9500 512mb PCI-Express 2.0 video card w/dual HDMI/DVI outputs
-Wireless b/g PCI card
-Seagate 250gb SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive
-Samsung 160gb PATA 7200RPM Hard Drive
-Digital Research 320gb External Hard Drive
-Lite-On DVD-+R/RW/CD-R/RW drive
-Multimedia card reader (SD, XD, Memory Stick Pro/Duo, CF)
-Apex PC-390 Black mid tower case
-Dynex Office/Media Keyboard
-Logitech LX7 Wireless Optical Mouse
-Acer 23" 1920x1080 LCD w/HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs
-HP 17" 1280x1024 LCD w/VGA input
-Panasonic 1000W 5.1 Dolby Digital Home Theater System
-Two Sony front floor speakers (mid range, tweeters)
-Two Panasonic rear satellite speakers
-Panasonic center speaker
-Panasonic Subwoofer

So, it's thursday...

Apr 23, 2009

...and I am sitting here waiting, very impatiently, for tomorrow to come so I can storm through two packages that will be here tomorrow. Those packages contain my PC parts. I have been sitting here, like, ALL DAY, refreshing the tracking info page to check for that sliiiight possibility that they might be here early. But no. I know they won't be. Even so - I continue to refresh the tracking info page.


In a Bizarre Event...

Apr 22, 2009

In a bizarre event, Channel seven Anchor Don Riley attempted suicide on live television while conducting an interview with Patrick Dempsey, a suicide cult expert. I, personally watched this interview while it happened. Be warned, this content may be disturbing:

TAPE No. 31684512
"I'm saying that nothing can explain this. I mean, unless you start considering other, more creative or outrageous possibilities, such as mind control or things like that. I don't know. Nothing explains this or the other events that've been occurring recently."

"It''re right. This...this isn't making. No.....I don't. I...I can''s. AHHHGGHHHHH!!!!"

*white noise and broken glass*

It was then that witnesses claim he began slurring his speech and not making much sense. He allegedly proceeded ram his head into the teleprompter screen. The studio cut the feed immediately, and witnesses inside of the channel seven studio claim that Mr. Riley kept smashing his head in and out of the broken glass of, excuse me, sorry I'm a bit choked up. *clears throat* Alright, can I, can I get some w-yes, thank you. Alright everyone, I apologize, but we're going to have to take a short break.


Shipping Date

Apr 21, 2009

The shipping date for my PC parts is Friday...darn! Oh well. I was just wishfully thinking when I said wednesday! Usually Tiger Direct has shipped to me from closer warehouses, but this time they shipped from their Illinois warehouse :(

It'll be ok, though...on Friday, I shall be building a new awesome computadora :)

The order was just put through!

Apr 19, 2009

In my never-ending editing job for Trillance, I am working for the ultimate prize of a Canon Rebel XT, 3 lenses, 3 memory cards, an external flash unit, and more. BUT to help me edit, I have needed a few things in which I've been working for. I got a new 23" monitor, which helps GREATLY with editing. I also got a new mouse and external hard drive.

All this extra resolution my current system has to process, coupled with the higher resolution images I'm working with due to Trillance getting a new camera leads to a bogged down we were talking the other day and he agreed to purchase parts for me to build a new system in exchange for 65 more editing hours. YES!! So I will be receiving the following by wednesday:

-Intel DG41RQ Motherboard

-Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 2.5ghz 45nm Processor BX80571E5200

-EVGA GeForce 9500 GT PCI-Express 2.0 Video Card

-Ultra 4gb PC5400 DDR2 667MHz Memory (dual channel)

-Seagate Barracuda 7200 250GB SATA Hard Drive w/16mb cache

-Apex PC-390 Black Mid-Tower Case with 300 Watt Power Supply

This will be in addition to my Seagate 160gb hard drive, as well as the external 360gb drive and my media card reader. Also, I already have a DVD-+R/RW/CD-R/RW drive and Windows Vista ready to install :D

I will be editing like a PSYCHOPATH once I have this built. I haven't done a full build in a WHILE, so this will be extremely fun!

Pepsi Natural

Apr 18, 2009

Soooo, I couldn't help but notice the new Pepsi Natural sitting on a shelf at K-Mart. Being a Pepsi FANATIC (a bigger one than you, guaranteed), I had to try it. Got some, and I love it! I hope they keep this in their lineup, because I'd drink it all the time. It tastes "natural", too. You can taste a hint of apple in there from the apple color extract, too. I love the glass bottle it comes in too.


Channel 7 Interview. Case File #105578



"So, do you think the fire chiefs were part of...part of a cult?"

"No, they're not part of a cult, and here's why I think that's apparent: Anyone who is in a suicide or doomsday cult is fairly open about that fact. They have no problem talking about it, and their family life usually reflects that. If they're married, which each of the five fire chiefs WERE, then their family life would explain a lot. The fact is that these men were happy. They were married, had families, children, college funds. They were church goers. This wasn't a cult activity.

"So, in your professional opinion, how do you explain this sequence of psychotic events? What, is it normal for fire chiefs to murder their squads and then burn their families alive? Is that what you-"

"No, no. Stop it. You're twisting my words around. I'm saying that nothing can explain this. I mean, unless you start considering other, more creative or outrageous possibilities, such as mind control or things like that. I don't know. Nothing explains this or the other events that've been occurring recently."

"It''re right. This...this isn't making. No.....I don't. I...I can''s. AHHHGGHHHHH!!!!"

*White noise and broken glass*



Apr 16, 2009

This website isn't making me very happy. For some stupid reason (or, actually, no reason at ALL) No one can leave me comments. Retarded. I've reapplied default templates, check the HTML, everything. There's n o reason for this. Fucking dumb.

I Walked In My Sleep

Apr 15, 2009

Seriously. I went to go get an ice cream and as soon as I saw the box, it hit me - I did this the other night, but in my SLEEP. I was partially awake for a split second of chowing down a drumstick. It was SO fucking wierd!!


Apr 13, 2009

...the newest images, and the images I'm gonna work with from now on, are 4752x3168. This is gonna be a true test on my RAM and processor.

....and it shall be fun :)

I'm In a Rock Band

...well, used to be. In many. But last night was probably the funnest I've had yet. All nighter of Rock Band 1 and 2 at Nicko's with Archy, Nicko, Silla, and Tiff. We were BADASS. Truly.

New Terminator: Salvation Poster!

Apr 10, 2009

In case you didn't know - I have been obsessing over this movie for quite some time. The Terminator series is one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite series of all time. Here's another poster to add to my collection:


Apr 8, 2009

Well, part of it, at least :p Some of you know (and may not know) that I'm currently working for Trillance, Archy's photographer, in exchange for a Canon Rebel XT. I'm currently the editor of his model photography. Well, I've got a partial list of what I'm working for. So far, I have received:

-Acer X233H BID 23" 1920x1080 monitor with DVI, VGA, and HDMI
-Logitech LX7 wireless mouse
-Digital Research 320gb external backup drive
-Mini tripod.

Those are all to help out with editing, basically. What I'm working toward, though, and will receive in August, are the following:

-camera body (Canon Digital Rebel XT)
-2gb cf card
-4gb cf card
-8gb cf card
-Regular battery
-extended life battery.
-3 lenses (kit lens, a telephoto lens, and a wide-angle lens)
-UV filter
-macro adapter
-External flash
-Card reader
-Cleaning kit
-Tutorial dvd
-camera body cleaned/aligned and oiled professionally

I am fucking EXCITED!!!

So I'm Off... Visalia for an "appointment". Oh joy. I had a bad dream last night, and during the worst part of it - MY FUCKING ALARM CLOCK GOES OFF!! Gah. Oh well, at least it was just a stupid dream. I made a crap-load of spelling mistakes just to type that. I'm tired, and I don't wanna go out. But I have to. I'll be back later, I must eat now before I leave. Tootles.

Can't Stay Asleep

Apr 4, 2009

I keep waking up! Dammit. I guess I've always been that way, though, unless I fall asleep DEAD tired. Gah, on another note - I can't wait for August to come so I can get my Canon Digital Rebel XT. Oooohhh I can't wait. Another day closer to August! Anyhow, I'll end my randomness here, for your sake. :p

So, I'm testing this...

Apr 3, 2009 known as (also known as to see if it can replace my Myspace blog. I've grown quite sick of it's unchanging nature - it's been the same since Myspace became popular. So - let's see if I can do better here. In any case, I got my external backup drive yesterday! It's nice because, well, I haven't been able to backup any data for over a year now! "Someone" had my old backup drive - I was nice enough to let that someone use it to get their junk off it - but they gave me the total runaround on getting it back. So I had a friend get my data off that drive, and now I have a new, bigger, better drive. So - that someone can keep that piece of crap :) The work I'm doing for Trilance is going along quite nicely. I owe him for a few things that I've received so far:

-23" Acer LCD (1920x1080, DVI, HDMI, VGA)
-Logitech LX7 Wireless mouse
-Digital Research 320gb external backup drive.

I've received those things, but those are just there to help me along to work toward my Canon Rebel XT. Ooohhh, I can't wait!! I'll be getting the camera, some lenses, filters, and other accessories. I cannot wait. Well - I actually have to wait, though - until August. But it'll be SO worth it. :