So, I'm testing this...

Apr 3, 2009 known as (also known as to see if it can replace my Myspace blog. I've grown quite sick of it's unchanging nature - it's been the same since Myspace became popular. So - let's see if I can do better here. In any case, I got my external backup drive yesterday! It's nice because, well, I haven't been able to backup any data for over a year now! "Someone" had my old backup drive - I was nice enough to let that someone use it to get their junk off it - but they gave me the total runaround on getting it back. So I had a friend get my data off that drive, and now I have a new, bigger, better drive. So - that someone can keep that piece of crap :) The work I'm doing for Trilance is going along quite nicely. I owe him for a few things that I've received so far:

-23" Acer LCD (1920x1080, DVI, HDMI, VGA)
-Logitech LX7 Wireless mouse
-Digital Research 320gb external backup drive.

I've received those things, but those are just there to help me along to work toward my Canon Rebel XT. Ooohhh, I can't wait!! I'll be getting the camera, some lenses, filters, and other accessories. I cannot wait. Well - I actually have to wait, though - until August. But it'll be SO worth it. :

2 comments: said...

Hello love! Welcome Blogspot lol.
Somehow I knew you were going to choose this template :p hehe. I love you!!

P.S. Your "follow me" section isn't set up yet. hehe

HeartAttack said...

He know me very well, my love :p