Our Engagement and Wedding Rings Came In!!

Feb 1, 2010

We have been waiting for a few months for our custom designed rings to arrive, and they did on January 31st, 2010. I think they turned out perfectly! They are both silver, and Archys has a captive bead in the middle with an opal stone inside (our birth stone). Mine is brushed in the middle and polished on the rest of the ring. Both rings have "Forever, Ending Never" engraved on the inside :)


Seven said...

thats awesome you guys i asked tany today if she wanted to go pick out our rings today but she wants to take care of other things first. we have an idea of what we want but we will see. good luck guys coming from two people who have been married in the past number one thing.....be good to eachother and look out for oneanother.