Terminator: Salvation: Absolutely Amazing.

May 21, 2009

That's right, 12am premier in Visalia! I am a HUGE Terminator fan (as you may already know), and Salvation did NOT disappoint at ALL! In fact, it even exceeded my expectations! I won't give any specific spoilers, but I will say that the ending was PERFECT. Seriously, just perfect. Salvation has awesome action and effects, without being "over the top" in any way. Some may worry about McG being "the guy who directed Charlie's Angels", and how the action in that movie was all crazy and way way WAY over the top - but he fully understands that that isn't what Terminator is about. I, personally, think he did a BRILLIANT job in delivering the scenes. The way they flow is excellent. The sense of "being in battle" constantly comes over you, and it's very realistic. It gives you that first person kind of feeling, the sense of stress of having things explode around you. The story is just brilliant, too. A lot of people were worried about the introduction of this "Marcus Wright" character and him changing the whole course of everything we know about the future. Of course, the future has been constantly changing throughout the overall Terminator story, but I can safely say that, in all seriousness, nothing has changed. Marcus only changes things for a short time. But then again, the situation about him is pretty much contained within John Connor's close, personal group - so it may very well have happened in the "original" future that Kyle Reese talked about in The Terminator. I suppose nothing ever happened for him to bring it up to Sarah Connor. But who knows? The action was awesome, the story in the movie was awesome, and the ending - without spoiling anything - was perfect. I mean...PERFECT. It leaves things wide-open for the future of the war. Anything can happen still. It will leave fans happy, that's for sure.

I give it a 10/10 EASY. Best two hours and 10 minutes I've spent in the theater.

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