June 26th to July 4th

May 23, 2009

That's the date(s) of our next San Fransisco photoshoot trip...IF Archy gets those days off from work. I'm pretty sure she will, though, so it's ok. I'll also be getting my Canon Rebel kit while I'm there!! I don't have to wait until August anymore! WOOOT! I'm reeeeeally excited! Another opportunity to take LOTS of pictures of the chaos that is Alameda/Oakland/San Fransisco!

UPDATE (May 28th): Archy will be getting the days off...meaning we will be gone from June 26th until July 4th :D


K@0t!C said...

lucky. I miss taking trips to S.F.

HazardousCreation.com said...

I will come back with a split tongue :) YAY!!!!

HeartAttack said...

Ha ha, yup yup my dear!