Driving...gah/Current Events

Jun 24, 2009

I drove a LOT today, and it was freaking HOT OUT!!! I saw a bunch of people I know while driving though lol, so it was kinda funny. I feel beat. I wanna take a nap now! In any case, I just finished installing Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, so I can work with HD video now...woot! We're getting all geared up to leave for Alameda/San Fransisco on Friday, which I can't WAIT for! It will be such a relief to be outta here from the 26th until July 4th. That's, like, 9 days or something. I'll be getting my camera/kit while we're there, too, so that's definitely something I'm looking forward to! I can't wait to start working with my first DSLR...it's very exciting! Of course, I've used DSLR's in the past, but this will be the first one I actually own, so I'm ultra-mega-hyper excited!

Ohhh, I beat Resident Evil 5, as I talked about on the previous blog. That game was sweet. Now I'm playing through the career mode on Project Gotham Racing 4, and - of course - I love that game. I'm a big fan of the racing genre in general, and I think that PGR4 has a great blend of arcade/simulation that sits well. The physics in the game are sweet, and the graphics are great, as well. Can't wait to progress further into the career. The game constantly rewards you with unlockable goodies, so it's cool. I tried out Dynasty Warriors 6. It's a "blah" hack 'n' slash game with simple controls, terrible voice acting, and mediocre graphics. It can be enjoyable, but the whole dying once and it's game over thing kinda sucks. A little too "arcadey" for me.

In any case...I'm done babbling, so you can go waste your time doing else now, but thank you for reading :)