Mac versus take.

Jun 8, 2009

I just got done arguing with someone on youtube about Mac vs. PC. What people need to understand is that it's not "Mac vs. PC" anymore, because Mac's are just PC hardware now, complete with Intel Inside (pun intended). All Apple is, is an OEM that only puts OSX on their PC hardware. The base Mac Pro is $2500, and the only nice piece of hardware in the box is the Xeon processor. It only has 3gb of RAM and an Nvidia GT120, which is literally a rebranded GeForce 9500GT. I built my latest system with the main specs being a Pentium Dual Core E5200, 4gb of RAM, and a GeForce 9500GT for exactly $370. That price also included the case and a new hard drive. Now, you have to look at that. $370 versus $2500 for specs that are so insanely close that the price difference could NEVER be justified. Sure the Xeon is a nice processor - but the price to performance ratio just isn't worth spending so much extra money on.

So, as I said before, it's not "Mac vs. PC" anymore - that was gone as soon as Apple started using regular PC hardware, years ago. It is now "OSX vs. Windows" - if you want to even say that they are up against each other. Microsoft has over 90% of the operating system market taken, so I think it's clear who is winning here. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against Apple at ALL. I think their design is amazing, and I have owned a Mac Mini, a Powermac G4, and an iBook. I thought OSX Panther, Tiger and Leopard were all great operating systems. I like them better than XP, in fact. I do, however, like Windows Vista more than OSX. As nice as Apple's design is on average, I find that me being able to customize something the exact way I want it down to my last specification is a lot more pleasing or rewarding.

How's that for an unbiased view? I hate when I see screen names like "mac4tw" or "pc>mac" and other crap. It's like, as soon as you start arguing with me about stuff with regards to operating systems, you automatically lose ANY credibility you may have had in the first place. To me, you're just another whiny little fanbitch, and I automatically don't respect your "argument".